The quest for 0ppm nitrates using a pozzani filter.


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Mar 11, 2019
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I don't think so! I'm pretty sure the medium is an anion (ion-exchange) resin and if you could, you would recharge with a brine (salt water) solution, NOT chlorine bleach.
I'm just going by what the techno guy from pozzani said. And if brine doesn't work then it's worth a try if the cartridge is used up anyway. I'm gonna try recharging one of mine with brine first and test it. Then if that fails I'll use a bleach solution. If the cartridge is spent then got nothing to lose really.
If all else fails I'll cut one open and see how it's put together. Might give an insight into how best to recharge one.


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May 22, 2019
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Yup that's another big reason. At this time of year the water comes out of the tap at around 5C and my garage isn't much warmer. I move them into the house the day before so I only have to heat from room temperature as heating is the longest part of the W/C. With the Pozzani I take about an hour to filter 100 litres and some of that happens while I am doing the W/C.

Hehehee I put my water in gallon jugs, temp with a digital food grade thermometer, then microwave them for 10 seconds per degree of temperature rise. Say my stored water is 71 degrees, and i need it to be 76 degrees, i would microwave a gallon of water for 50 seconds.

Let us all know how the recharge goes, I too have high nitrates out of my tap, around 80ppm and purchased an RO buddy from life aquatics. Without any resin I'm able to get my nitrate levels down to 5 ppm and I am simply looking for something to remove the last 5ppm. My current DI resin will run out in about 8 weeks so i have a little time to find the best solution.

Nitra-zorb will cost about the same as any other solutions out there. I'm leaning towards that however as it sounds like it will be the easiest to recharge, cost a little bit less, and be easy to install. Just remove the DI resin from my current cartridge and replace with nitra-zorb.

Solution 1: Second RO membrane and housing 37$ + Permeate pump 40$ = 77$
Solution 2: Nitra-zorb, about 65$ for 5 bags, since they only come in 8 ounce single pouches.
Solution 3: Pozzani, 40$ + shipping 34$ = 74$
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