Spixi Apple Snail


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Aug 23, 2005
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St Albans, UK
Common Name: Spixi Apple Snail, Zebra Apple Snail

Scientific Name Asolene Spixi

Family: Asolene

Origin: rivers, ditches, canals and lakes of South America, mainly Brazil

Maximum Size: 1" in diameter

Minimum Tank Size: 2.5 US gallons per snail

Life Span: unsure, similar to apple snails, 1-3 years

Care: Very similar to apple snails, easy beasts to care for. A well oxygenated tank with lots of hidey holes. They like to bury themselves in substrate, so a fine smooth gravel substrate or sand is perfect.

Preferred Temperature: 24-26 degrees celsius

Preferred PH: 7-8, any less than 7 and their shells will corrode

Feeding: all veges (cucumber, courgette etc), soft aquatic plants (mine is quite partial to vallis -_-), soft algae and sinking plec wafers

Breeding: They are the same as regular apple snails in that they need to be in a male/female pair to breed. The eggs are deposited below the water surface (aquatic) on objects or vegetation and are embedded in a gelatinous mass.

Notes: Very pretty snails. From my experience be wary of exposed heaters these aren't the brightest of snails. I had one sit on it, the heater turned on, the snail died. I now have another in a tank with an enclosed heater he can't get to!

They also move slower than apple snails, and when they move they hold their shells up quite high which is amusing to watch!

This is the one that bbq'd himself! He was full-grown. I don't have a picture of the current one I have.

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