Pseudotropheus "elongatus Mbenji Blue"


Jan 6, 2006
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Common name(s}: Elongatus mbenji yellow tail

Scientific name: Pseudotropheus sp. "elongatus mbenji blue"


Origin: Mbenji island, Lake Malawi, Africa

Maximum size: 5" (13cms)

Care: The Elongatus Mbenji is a mbuna cichlid. This is a territorial fish that will guard its territory heavily. The male can be very aggressive towards other fish in the tank and to other females. The minimum male to female ratio should be 1:2 minimum (the more females the better). The fish in general is fairly hardy and does best in water between 75-82 degrees with a ph pf 7.5 to 8.5. The minimum tank size is 50 (US) gallons or 180 liters. If keeping this species it is very important to provide hiding places for smaller less aggressive fish in the tank.

Feeding: This fish will do very well on quality flake food with a high vegetable content that includes spirulina. I would recommend feeding twice a day for no more than thirty seconds at a time.

Sexing and Breeding: As young fish Mpanga are difficult to sex but when the fish begin to mature the dark blue bars, yellow fin tips and egg spots begin to show in the males. As they get older the males will grow faster and larger then the females. Females are darker than the males with a slimmer body shape.
Breeding,Same as all other mbuna cichlids.

3" male
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