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Dec 26, 2017
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So finally got the plumbing all set up and dry fit, everything looked 100% and I was very happy. Once everything was glued, I guess things got a bit tighter and now there are some parts are touching and I was just wondering if you guys think I'll be safe leaving it as it or the water pressure may cause an issue.

1st picture, The return line is not 100% straight anymore, kinda hard to see but its a bit angled, would the water pressure cause any problems with that?
2nd and 3rd picture, the pipes are touching up against the stand and the stand and pipe.
4th, I cut off a section of the plumbing and sealed it with a cap, that cap should be able to handle any water flowing to it correct? And you can see where the pipe is touching the stand and affecting the return line.
5th, should I have the emergency drain flowing into the same chamber as the main or should I run it into the main media section of the sump?

Thank you and sorry for the long post!


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