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Old Orchard Aquarium, Skokie, Il

Aug 30, 2012
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I have visited this store twice since I set up my tank, and I have to say I was impressed. I've heard mixed reviews online, but the only bad thing I have to say about the store is that it's too far from my house. ;)
About a 50/50 split of salt and freshwater, with a bunch of feeders and live foods tucked into a corner. When you first walk in, it looks more like an aquarium equipment store with a bunch of display tanks (which include some amazing ones) than anything. However, as you walk in further, it turns into a true fish store. Probably close to 150 tanks of different sizes, with fish ranging from bamboo sharks to neon tetras. They have about 5 tanks full of plants that they sell at reasonable prices (for that quality of plant). They're all very healthy, and they can have an insane assortment if you get there within a few days of their last plant shipment (which I believe is Tuesday).
The fish are really healthy too. I've bought several there, and haven't had a single problem.
They even have a shark pond in the building, as well as a hydroponics store attached.
Note: They sell live rock by the pound there, tucked back in the same area as the feeders.
Customer Service
The employees are always running around, cleaning tanks and feeding fish, so they don't always come up to you and ask if you need help, but are happy to help if you ask. They're extremely knowledgeable, and definitely know what they're doing. When picking fish, they're happy to net whichever one you want.
  • HUGE selection of dry goods
  • Very clean tanks
  • Large selection of both salt and freshwater
  • Knowledgeable and helpful staff
  • Right near a train station, if I'm not mistaken (which I probably am)
  • Don't stock very exotic or expert-level fish
Would definitely recommend if you're in the area.


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