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Fish Crazy
Jun 16, 2005
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colchester, UK
Hi for those of you that have read my other post on my awkward sump, you might have thought it was all sorted but apparently not!

Right the water goes into a weir, down a durso standpipe, past a ball valve(1) and into the sump tank below. Through the sump, past the pump at the end, back up towards the main tank, through another ball valve(3) and into the main tank via a return pipe with a non return valve on it. There's also a T piece on the pipe that comes off of the pump which goes back into the pump chamber and has a ball valve(2) on it to regulate the flow. We've done this because the pump was too powerful so it slows the return water down.

Now it's all running okay but ball valve (3) is making a kind of spitting noise, as is the non return valve on the return pipe. This noise stops when we shut the ball valve (3) but obviously we need that open and we've tried taking off the non return valve to clear it of any air stuck in it.

Has anyone got any ideas of whats making the noise and how we can stop it? It's in our lounge and it's so loud we can barely hear the tv!

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