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Nov 19, 2017
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Hello! I am fairly new to the fish hobby, i’ve had my dragon scale betta since june 2017 and he is living happily in a 2.7 gallon tank. I’m going to buy a 10 gallon tank, and i’m wondering which fish/how many would be best for it. I like guppies, and i might do an all male guppy tank, but i also want some variety. i like dwarf gouramis as well but the tank might be too small. also my mom likes glo fish, so maybe would 4 glo danios be good with a few male guppies? any other suggestions would be GREAT! i’ve done a good amount of research and know that 5 guppies would be max for the 10 gallon tank, but i wouldn’t mind having 2-3 if i could get another type of fish like tetras or gourami etc. thanks!
Hello, and welcome to the forum :)

Before we can properly recommend species for you, we need to know the dimensions of the tank (some fish need more swimming room than others), and the pH and hardness of your water (if you keep hard water fish, like guppies, in soft water, they won't live very long).

You should be able to find out the details of your water on your supplier's website :)
the dimensions of the tank are 20 x 11 x 13 (L, D, H) . I haven’t gotten the tank yet, so I haven’t cycled it or checked parameters.
Th pH and hardness of your water source won't change much, although you may see fluctuations in your tank during the cycle, so you can still look those up :)

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