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My High School Chemistry Journal

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Apr 11, 2022
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TFF. Found this information. Thought it might be helpful. Changed a couple things from the original school notes.

Oxygen is reduced in the presence of nitrogen. Some bad news. Every time I feed my fish and fertilize my aquarium plants, I’m putting bad stuff in my fishes’ tank and the good stuff, oxygen is going away. My fish are doing their business in the water too, so there’s even more nitrogen and less oxygen.

Something else. Trace minerals the fish need for good health come in my tap water, but when the minerals are exposed to oxygen and hydrogen in the water and the air, my fishes’ minerals start to change in a process called “oxidation”. So now, my trace minerals aren’t at healthy levels anymore. The longer the old water stays in the tank, the more everything changes. That’s more bad news.

But, here’s the good news. By removing and replacing most of the tank water every few days, I’m putting the water back into its original, stable level with the right amount of trace minerals and best of all, the oxygen is back to its high level too. So, even though the nitrogen may not be high, the levels of trace minerals aren’t very healthy for my fish. I’ll still need to change most of the water regularly to maintain a steady water chemistry.

I’m so glad I didn’t cut my chemistry classes!

10 Tanks (Now 11)
If you want to increase oxygen levels, help the surface exchange happen my agitating the water with a filter. Then do regular water changes.

Chemistry is important, but so is biology. Most fish species need water movement to show their natural behaviour and instincts, and to stay in shape. Muscle tone can diminish quickly in slow tanks, and many aggressive fish become harmless in a current. It looks like they have too much energy, like a puppy that never gets walks and chews up the house. Take your fish for walks - give them water movement.

Certainly, move as much water as you can out, a replace it with conditioned water. But while you have to move it out, don't forget to move it around.

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