Microsorum Pteropus - Java Fern


Dec 9, 2007
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Worksop, Notts, UK
Scientific name - Microsorum pteropus

Common terms - Java fern

Geographic origin - Asia

Type- rhizome

Max. size - 15-30cm height,12 - 20cm width

Lighting required - very low - high

Temperature - 18-30C

Water chemistry requirements (pH, hardness) - adaptable

Growth rates - slow

Demands - medium

Additional info -

As with all ferns, it should not be buried in the substrate, but attached to woodwork and rocks. If it must be anchored to the substrate, be careful to only anchor the roots and not the rhizome, which needs adaquate water circulation or it will die. Its most common forms of propagation include rhizome splitting and the formation of plantlets. It will also tolerate slightly brackish conditions. When a new plant is formed (on the leaf tip), it is optional to leave it until it drops of naturally or you can pull the new plantlet off and attach it like above. The leaf in which produced the plantlet usually dies.

Editors note: Java Ferns are an excellent plant for beginning aquarists to try and keep in a planted tank. Their ability to adapt and live in lower light makes them very accessible to most tanks. Will grow faster/better when provided with higher light, nutrients and/or CO2, but these are not necessary for keeping Java Ferns.

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