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Jan 22, 2006
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this question is for my mum whos never had cats before.
she got them last night, 2 kittens, left them alone to get use to the house,
this morning mum cant get near one of them she just hisses at her, the other one is fine, is this normal.
any other advice you could give would be great.
thanks Donna :good:
um, yes and no. it just means that the kitten is frightened of your mother. my advice? don't try to force the kitten to do anything. like, if the kitten doesn't want to be touched, don't grab it. try to move slowly around the kitten and use a soft voice. if she has time to sit down and watch them eat, that's generally helpful. again, don't touch the kitten while its eating, but talking gently to it will help it become more accustomed to her voice.

if the one kitten is fine, then the other one will probably be friendly too in a couple of days. it just needs some time to get used to the new place and to figure out who to get food from. :lol:
just give it time. they take a while to get used to you and some cats are naturally more shy/scared than others. don't force the cat with anything, let it come to you in it's own time.

Asked my mum for ya(shes a vet)
she said just leave them and let the little one get used to his new home, Also try taking a dish of food to him might make him trust her more

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