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Java Moss

Discussion in 'Plants Index' started by Tom1035, Apr 8, 2008.

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    Apr 2, 2008
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    Scientific name - formally known as Vesicularia dubyana, now under the name Taxiphyllum barbieri, though the taxonomy is still unresolved

    Common terms - Java Moss, Willow Moss

    Geographic origin - Asia

    Type (stem, bulb, rhizome, floating etc.) - Floating

    Max. size (height, width) - Varies depending on how one plants it.

    Lighting required - Low ( 1-1.5 WPG recommended)

    Temperature - 60-85F. It is said it grows quicker in lower temps, I have never tried it.

    Water chemistry requirements (pH, hardness) - adaptable

    Growth rates - Medium (With Co2), Slow / Very Slow without Co2

    Demands - Water and Light

    Additional info - This plant more or less needs water, light, and some place to anchor to. If left floating, it will eventually attach itself to the side of the tank, the substrate, or your filter intake. I took some 10lb fishing string and attached my java moss to a piece of slate in my tank, from there it grew and covered the entire piece, and then growed down and along the gravel and covered half my 30 gallon. I do almost no pruning, I've created a carpet over half my tank, and about 5 inches high. Another idea is to take some plastic netting, cut it out to the dimensions of the back of your tank, and then spread the moss along the net on one side, then take 4 suction cups and fixate the netting to the back of your tank, in essence it will create a java moss background. To reproduce, just tear a small section of your moss growth off and move it elsewhere or another tank. It grows pretty slow, so don't expect an instant carpet. Ghost shrimp love it!

    Mod edit: Taxonomy clarification. See red text above.

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