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i got mine from nantwich , stapley water gardens, its about 15 miles from where i live, but i've been in a couple of times since and have'nt seen any more, i'd try to ask your local fish store if they could order you one, yes there safe with neons, i paid i think £8.99 for mine , had him now for around 12 monthes, if you can get one they are worth it, :)
Well technically neither but as i was born in Ne`Castle im Geordie through and through ( without the accent ) wouldn`t be a mackem scum bag if i was paid

Thanks slt ill have to go down but due to very bad circumstances im bed bound for 2 weeks, i could tell you what happened but u lads would have tears in your eyes after reading it
i once made the mistake of calling some Mackers Geordies. They were not amused to say the least :lol:
No we dont c eye to eye if you know what i mean, have you ever seen a newcastle sunderland derby.......not a pretty site riots ahoy :hyper:
hehe go on tell me , :rolleyes: i'm not a lad i'm a female lol :lol: :lol:
ouch :sad: :-( :-( :-( :-(

I know a friend who converted to Judaism and had to get the snip. Walked like John Wayne for 3 weeks.
ughhhhhh god i can imagine ughhhhh, how painful, its bringing tears to my eyes, ooooo, hope you soon recover cayote :thumbs:
A falconer eh? Is it a harris hawk you have? I've always wanted one of them... :wub:
1 male harris "Psycho" or Clyd ( when im doing talks with him ) 1 female Bonnie 1 red tailed buzzard Alfie and a male goshawk called Max if you know what there like the name is fitting

Pyscho cos hese absolutely nuts ! no fear

Bonnie cos shes just georgeous

And Max because hes Full On 100% Crazy !

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