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Oct 8, 2006
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i curetly have a tank with a very sick betta female (seems to be some kind of cancer, or other nastniess growing from one gill, gonna put her down real soon, desnt seem to be water related, as she's been in pretty decent water for quite a while now) and some apple snails and shrimp in a tank. I'm thinking about possibly not replacing the fish, just adding some more shrimp or other inverts. Is this a viable option, and, if so, what would stocking limits be, in a 5.5 gallon tank, and what would i feed an invert only tank? i'm curently feeding some tetrapro crisps to the betta, with some sinking nd being eaten by the inverts.
For a tank of this size, stocking wont be too high. A total stock could be (depending on you preference and assuming they are the only things in the tank) 10 shrimp, 8 average snails (not giant apple snails), 3 giant apple snails or any number of malasian trumpet snails! A good idea would be to have 6 shrimp, 6 average snails and some MTS. The will all feed on algae wafers, bloodworm and sinking pellets. Hope this helps. :D
cheers. should make for a pretty interesting tank anyway :)

i need something interesting to look at while i'm still getting stuff together for my bigger tank, which is taking longer than anticipated. who woulda thought christmas was expensive ;)

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