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Hello πŸ‘‹πŸ» lovely tank! Nice to have you join us, I'm a gig goer too....or at least I used to be before I grew tiny humans πŸ˜… what kind of music are you into?

Just incase you're unaware, you may encounter problems down the line...guppys thrive in hard water, bettas thrive in soft water πŸ˜• you may want to figure out which your water is and decide on rehoming or readjusting the gh for one or the other πŸ‘πŸ»

Look forward to more pics! Tally ho...
Thank you πŸ™‚ it's been running for a whole now, over a year. Sadly the amonia spiked a little again today.
I've checked Yorkshire water they say the water for my post code is slightly hard.

I'm hoping everything I've done up to now will save my tank. I like it and don't want it to fail.
Everything was fine until I re-homed all the extra guppies. Tbh I'm a bit lost with what else to do.
The tank wasn't right earlier found amonia again 😞. Wasn't sure what else to do other than a complete water change and gravel vac. I added fluvial cycle after that hoping the cycle starts again it seems broken.
Damn. That's pretty stressful. I am not sure fluval cycle does anything. Tetra Safe Start is better, but more expensive. What's the ammonia reading? You might consider doing a separate thread on this with ammonia in the heading. Your call. Let's us know how you get on.
I've checked Yorkshire water they say the water for my post code is slightly hard.
Ignore the words, water companies make it sound hard than it really is. They should give hardness as a number in mg/l calcium and there's a "convert your hardness" beneath that. Could you select German degrees from the list and tell us the number for that, please - it's one of the units of measurement used in fish keeping. The chart they give says 'slightly hard' is what we would call soft for fish.
Usually in the USA, the word "gig" is used by musicians to mean "a job, a performance," preferably a paying one.
Overhere a "gig" means also the same as in the States.

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