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Hello and welcome to the forum, we have many experienced and knowledgeable people here who are happy to help and impart their wisdom
Well, hi & welcome to TFF...:hi:
As already stated, sufficient members overhere who are willing to help you out.

Do you have a tank setup yet? There are some steps that should be taken before adding fish. First is cycling the tank to form colonies of bacteria that keep the water conditions proper.

Then you need to find if you have hard or soft water so you can properly select fish.

Oh, and NEVER trust a sales person in a store especially chain stores. They usually have little knowledge and are just about making sales.
You picked a hobby that just so happens to be The Greatest Hobby in The World . I see that you are in India . It may be possible for you to collect wild specimens of certain aquarium fish over there . That would be something to keep in mind for some day in the future .
Two things I can pass on.

First is that this hobby teaches patience. I have never regretted waiting and giving things the time they need. I have regretted rushing and making rash decisions.

And something I love about this hobby. Sometimes you find out that something you wanted to do isn't a good idea. Every time that happens, there are always a ton of cool alternatives. Be open to them.

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