Hi from Melbourne, Australia

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Jun 3, 2023
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Melbourne, Australia
Hi everyone,

My wife and I have had various tropical tanks of some description for some time. We've had Cichlids, and other tropical fish, and and currently have a community tank with Tetras, Anglefish, Danios, and Barbs. Our tank is recovering from a pretty bad algea bloom with the help of a Pond One UV Stabliser. Once the recovery is complete, we're wanting to decorate the tank with rock formations (becuase we suck at planted aquariums!) and will be looking to this forum for inspiration.

Thanks for reading.

Hi Michael,
Welcome aboard... :hi:
There are lots of tropical and subtropical fish that live in a rocky environment in free nature which we put in a planted tank. So yes, why not go for a rocky decoration in a tank... 👍
Welcome from Londonish. This is the place for free fish related expert knowledge…….just don’t expect any knowledge worth knowing from me.

I was in Melbourne about seven years ago. Loved the Brunswick area…very bohemian, book shops, record shops, breweries, bars, coffee shops, galleries etc. No aquarist shops though…..boooooo.

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