Hermit Crabs In Portland, Or?

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Fish Crazy
Jun 19, 2013
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learning that more than 2 crabs would be ideal, i would like to adopt a few more, but do not want to support petco or petsmart. any ideas?
I would consider going ahead and supporting either store in this case. They tend to have a good selection of hermits at a good price. My daughter has 5 with some coming from each store. They have always been healthy and she's had them a good number number of years now.They also carry the supplies needed to properly care for them. 
maybe it is different for you, but most of the crabs in these stores have painted shells and the substrate in the cages aren't deep enough for molting. there is almost no climbing space and the water bowls are not deep enough. the fact that this is not a temporary home for them is no excuse, as they are modeling the wrong crab care :(      
but I (and plenty of other people) am greedy and want only the best for my crabbies
  so I will probably end up buying from them anyway..... 
Yes it is different here. We have a major distribution center and corporate office here. But as you probably guessed you are in a bit of a pickle. You need more crabs because two crabs does not a colony make but you also find they aren't all that ready to find for sale anywhere else. A rock and a hard place.that's why I would just go for it on this case.

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