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Happy with how my “Fantastic’s” are coming along

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Magnum Man

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
I’m not very good at pictures… I’ve noticed my Fantastic’s have begun to color up, one thing that has been really noticeable has been the development of “tail lights” … I think this is a male trait, I’ve not seen it on any on line pictures, and I’ve been trying for a while to get a good picture… I got the best one so far, a few minutes ago… I guess an advantage of having fish, that most don’t, is you get to see them at their best… this is a hard tank to take good pictures,,, hopefully you’ll be able to make out this guy’s “tail light “
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I put in 2 more, of 3 Nile Lilies today ( I’m waiting for more hang on pots to get here to plant the 3rd ) I’m still washing them down to bare roots, and planting in ceramic bio media ( that looks like Cocoa Puffs ) which lately I’ve been blending with Flval peat beads… just something I’m trying
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