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Had a marvelous weekend at the Vivarium 2023

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Sep 13, 2016
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I've been very busy with my preps for the vivaristic expo called "Vivarium" 2023 edition. This past weekend was the moment of truth. I'm one of the steady exhibitors overthere, offering rare livebearers. We had two very occupied days. Saturday was very busy and hectic. But it all paid off. Lots of fish went to new owners (national and international). Met up with with my friends (national and international) from the scene.
Had to bring along more styrofoam boxes than intended because late fish reservations that came in.
At the end of the morning, a lot was already sold. Time to reload the table with more livebearer containers to get though the afternoon.

And then past 5 AM on Sunday, time to dismantle the expo.
And today I slept in after a memorable but exhausting weekend.
That looks amazing! I better not ever be let in there though, because I'd be broke by the time I leave. 😬
It's been very well visited by visitors. Well, most visitors would spend more money than they intended. So, join the club!
I . . . . am . . . . blown . . . . away ! ! ! Simply unbelievable !
It's the largest vivaristic expo of Western Europe.
Business was good this past weekend. But I do have to admit that I'm still tired of two days being active overthere. Also a lot of foreign visitors and exhibitors each year. If you're an enthusiastic aquarist, terrarian or pond fan, this is the place to be...
Wow. That's a different world. I can't even imagine something like that. It must be amazing.
It sure is a different world in comparison to watching an lfs. It’s way bigger and too much choice where people tend to spend more money than they intended.

And it's day job to see it all...
I love participating such events...

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