Greetings from South Africa


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Jan 15, 2021
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Skukuza, Kruger National Park, South Africa
Hi Everyone,

Name's Hannes, all the way from Kruger National Park, South Africa. Been living here for 15 years, would remain here for the rest of it, if and as life permits. I'm based around 12km from Skukuza, right at the Paul Kruger Gate living on the grounds of a bush lodge/hotel.

In the house we have a 10gal tank which currently houses all my Peppered Corydora fry(quick count about 60 odd), both kids have a smaller 5 gal tank each with 2 3 month old Guppy and 2 9 month old Cory's each, and my main pond outside around 160gal. Pond houses 6 peppered corydora, 3 Common Koi, 2 Fantail Goldfish, 2 Shubinkin goldfish, 1 Commet Goldfish, 1 little Mollie and a whole smattering of Guppy. The pond is prone to attracting common River Frog and painted Reed Frogs.

I got the Koi when they were quite small, under 80mm, but they are now starting to grow fast, prompting me to plan another larger pond for the Koi and some Corydora. Hoping to start the construction of that soon, but it's middle summer now which means 45-50 degrees Celsius is a normal day.

Already got some great info here from just peeking around the forums, will dig around more as time permits.


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