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May 17, 2006
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Virginia, U.S.A.
I placed 2 bids on ebay for Christmas moss and Windelov's fern. Didn't think I'd win but it turned out to be a dutch auction and I won some of each. They arrived yesterday and to my surprise I got 2 bunches of moss; good sized and 6-7 ferns. They are now sitting in my tank so I can gently separate the roots. A real deal including p&h $10. Now I can't use all the ferns so as soon as I can separate them and find out just how many there are I'll offer the rest .
Hi madmom :)

Sounds like you got an excellent deal! :clap:

If you are happy with your purchase, please don't hesitate to post the seller's name here. I might help him get another sale and it could also help our members decide who to buy from.
i got a good deal of email i brought 50plants off ther for £9.99 and they were all top quality took a week for delivery tho but cant complain at the price
I got them from Aquaticmagic. They took a little over a week to arrive but considering they came from Malaysia I didn't think it was too bad. They arrived in pretty good shape too. I've got my eye on some Philippene fern now :hey:
Ive just bought some plants 25 plants 5 differnet bunches for 5 quid including p&p off ebay if you are interested just type in live tropical fish and scroll down. they havnt come yet so i dont know the quality.
As far as i was aware you need a licence to import any organic live materials from outside the UK into the country. I know its definately the case for fish, and is rather expensive.

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