Gako 052 lights

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Sep 3, 2020
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I just bought the Gako A052's for my 90cm wide tank. After looking at many others these came out looking good for operation, PAR levels and spectral quality.
I already have a pair of Kessil A160WE Tuna Blue lights with the associated Spectral Controller after reading topics that gave them a thumbs up. However the Kessils are nowhere near as good from my own perspective. For a start, the controller, and the actual buttons on the top of the lights only really adjust the Blue and White intensity. That may be fine, however times have changed.
The Gako has infinite adjustment on 6 colours and has settings for Sunrise, Noon, Sunset and Moonlight with incremental steps between each mode. The individual lights are 4 dark blue/1 light blue/4 white/1 red/1 purple/1 green. Purple seems to be a UV light which makes the corals really stand out.
There's also a dimmer option to adjust the various colour intensities as well as the steps from 0% to 100%, plus a timed on/off setting.
There's an intelligent cooler fan in the lights that only runs when needed and is pretty silent. Just to add awareness, there's also a temperature display on the front.
Setting up is quite straightforward as long as you get an operation manual in English, or the language you prefer. Mine came with the Chinese manual but I was sent an email copy of the English version when I asked for it. If you need the English version either to get started setting the lights up, or just to look at the capabilities before purchase then I have it here for you.
The light fixtures, light housing black box, metal work etc seem to be aluminium alloy which is what you'd expect so shouldn't be a problem.
I can't give a longer term review of this light yet, and I'm still fiddling around with the settings a bit but I'm borrowing a PAR meter soon so I will be better able to give results on that shortly.
In the meantime, consider the cost. The average retailer of tank lights has an interest in pointing you to the expensive ranges, and I know my own Kessils cost an arm and leg. My own take on things is that if the lights are well made, have the light and colour intensity suitable for your corals and fish, and are infinitely adjustable at a cost of less than $80 each, or around £65 there's a world of difference. Even if the lights don't last too long, and God knows why a Cree light should fail early, then you can't understand why people should go for something at 5 or 6 times the cost.
I'll be adding the link for the Alibaba site selling them shortly when I have their agreement.



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