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Fishmanic - January 2019 Tank of the Month

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Jun 28, 2016
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Austin, TX

We would like to congratulate Fishmanic as the FishForums.net January 2019 Tank of the month!

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Here's some additional information on the winning tank:
"Fisherman's Paradise".......Japanese Zen Garden Themed 35 gallon tall hex tank

9 Serpae Tetra, 3 Black Skirt Tetra, 1 full grown Angelfish, 1 Bushynose Pleco

200 watt Aqueon shatterproof heater with two indicator leds ..heat on/ heat off
Aquaclear 50 filter loaded with 2 sponges, filter floss, and ceramics
Air pump operated sponge filter ... sized for 40 gallon tank
Danner two outlet air pump hooked to sponge filter and one airstone

two toned blue gravel, various sized rocks,

custom made flagstone/rock platform/cave, handmade wooden Japanese bridge made from bamboo chopsticks and toothpicks, glazed clay "fisherman" ornament, manzanita driftwood to support upper level of anubias and a large malasian driftwood supporting lower level of anubias

Plantings: annubias nana, water wisteria, and watersprite (floating)

Fertilizers: Seachem Flourish complete once a week, Seachem Trace weekly, seachem root tabs

Water changes: 50% about every 7-9 days, also do moderate gravel clean using the python water changer device

0 ammonia, 0 nitrites, 10 nitrates, hardness 175, temperature 77.3 (digital thermometer)

Filter service:
change filter floss and squeeze out sponges (in tank water) every two weeks
clean filter box and tubes monthly

15 watt t8 fluorescent tube and low powered led fixture...lights on 12 hours/day

Cobalt brand flake twice a day..freeze dried bloodworms about twice a week (presoaked), freeze dried daphnia occasionally, frozen shrimp as a treat, hikari algae wafer once or twice a week.

The February contest will be posted next week. Stay tuned!
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Big thanks to all who voted for my tank. To Roden and Deanasue.... you have very nice tanks and should enter again soon.

I urge other members to enter in the coming months. More entries make the contest more interesting. Next TOTM contest is very soon so take a nice photo of your tank or make a YouTube video and then enter it in one of the upcoming monthly contests.
Congrats...your tank was awesome! Love the little fisherman.

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