Feeling bad, I can’t share better pictures of the Africans with you guys. ..

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Jun 21, 2023
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Southern MN
As some of you guys know, I have a pretty good collection of African river tetras… some are quite exquisite… although most of mine are not mature yet, bought as juveniles, some are just starting to show colors, and plumage… but the tank, is a 45 gallon tall, and sticks out into the room, so both long sides you can view through… so the fish naturally move to the opposite side, when trying to take pictures… even though there are 2 full length LED lights above, the amount of tannins, and the flow, being a river tank, makes it hard to get nice pictures… right now, they are starting to color up, and grow filaments and full extended fins, and trident tails… so I’ll keep trying to get pictures of them… you can trust that they are all 3-4 times more impressive, than I can get pictures of…

Some failed attempts at pictures, from today
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