Esha 2000 And Aquarium Salt


Nov 3, 2009
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I'm opting for Esha 2000 first thing in the morning to treat my main tank (no hospital tank) in which I have five White Cloud Mountain Minnows, but I have some concern that the aquarium salt might interact with the Esha 2000 and harm the fish. I've emailed the manufacturer of the Esha to query this, but have had no reply back. Is it safe to dose Esha 2000 alongside a level of 3 grams/litre (or just above by a fraction) of aquarium salt, especially for White Cloud Mountain Minnows? Esha 2000 contains copper sulphate, and by itself it probably isn't an issue, but with the salt...
I'd conduct a 50% change in order to drop the salt levels, but I use Prime - and after querying it, have been warned by the manufacturer that it can have an effect on Esha 2000 and reduce it's effectiveness (despite people online reassuring me it was okay, and someone even having a response from the manufacturer saying it was okay...they can't make their minds up!). I'd prefer to leave at least 24 hours from using Prime before dosing with the Esha, but I don't think I can afford that delay now, I must be decisive.
Okay, I'm dropping the salt levels by 50% just to be safe. I don't believe I'm seeing Ich on this female Minnow in question, it's limited to her caudal fin with white spots of varying size dotted about on it. I'd expect to see it on other fins and her body at the least. Quite possibly Columnaris/fin rot. I'll then treat in the morning, 12 hours after the clean. I know that I cannot - and now I will not - delay any further than I already have (multiple 50% cleans to deal with potential parasites and pathogens...might have helped the other fish, but not this one). It is time...

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