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Eliminating brown clumps of algae/diatoms

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Sep 3, 2020
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My tank has gone a bit off with algae right now. Since day one I have left the signs of brown algae alone on the rear wall as it's not easy to scrape off and anyway, it's supposed to be a good food source for some of my fish and shrimps.
Yeah, they do nibble at it, but it's now at the point where it's growing on the rocks and over the top of some corals. It's growing in thick clumps as well, sort of like mop-heads.
I really need to get rid of it so am asking how in hell do I do it without destroying my reef set-up.
I know that denying it light works the best, supposedly, however, if I do make a try at doing that I guess it'll have an effect on the corals. Or will it? Also, how would this impact the fish?
I have 3 lights with a working range of 8 hours ramping up and going down to moonlight where a minimum amount of purple light stays on all night.
I think this may be adding to the problem as I believe that algae/diatoms thrive in this light. Might be wrong though.
Anyway, for now I've turned off the overnight purple so there's no overnight light at all for now.
Wrapping up my questions, I'd appreciate advice on how best to use light denial and how to prevent it from affecting my livestock and corals.
To follow on from that, would a black bin bag around the glass and the top of the tank be best to kill the diatom?
And finally, what else may be useful to do?

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