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Mar 22, 2006
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Over the past two weeks or so the coral sand in my tank appears to have started breaking down, causing there to be a fine 'dust' in the water. It's infuriating as I previously had crystal clear water.

The tank has been running with this sand for about 6 months or so. I use the sand due to the positive effect on water stats (I keep Mbuna Cichlids).

I've tried packing in filter wool into one compartment of the external filter but there hasn't been much change over 5 days. I use a Rena XP3 and a Fluval FX5. The filter wool is in one compartment of the Rena.

Any ideas as to how to stop this? I could possibly replace the substrate to something more natural I suppose? Being backed into a corner here.
hmmm that doesnt sound right at all.

i had coral sand in my tank and it was fine.

are you sure its not something else causing it to cloud up?

thinking about it i dont kno what would but im pretty sure the sand shouldnt!

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