Checkerboard Cichlid


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Apr 22, 2004
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Common name - Checkerboard cichlid

Scientific name - Dicrossus filamentosus

Family - Cichlidae.

Origin -South America; Rio Negro & Rio Orinoco river

Max size - 3" in captivity

Care - These little fish are a very peaceful species that will go with most commuinty fish like Blue Rams. they will be most comfortable in a temp. of 72-80°F and a ph of 5-6.The will need a 20 gallon or higher tank. They like sandy bottoms (gravel is okay)and some caves and plants for them to take cover in.

Feeding - A good quality tropical flake or granule plus frozen shrimp & worm foods, daphnia, beefheart.

Sexing - When sexing the Checkerd Board,Males are larger and more colourful, also with more pointed fins.

Breeding - The femlae deposits up to 120 eggs on flat stones or leaves, the eggs are yellowish. You should remove the male after spawning is over. The incubation period is about 72 hours (three days), you should feed the fry brine shrimp. A good tempereture to raise the temp is 80-84F and a P.H of 5.5 will do fine.

A young Checkerboard

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