Blue Electric Ram Chasing Balloon Ram


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Dec 17, 2013
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I just got two small balloon rams. They're really tiny and cute but the electric blue ram who was initially in that tank doesnt seem to like one of them and keeps chasing him/her around the tank. I'm worried it might stress her out and eventually kill her. There are plenty of hiding spots but he keeps finding her. 

I really dont want to but do you think I should return the balloon rams. He seems to be only chasing the one but  the other one might get lonely if his buddy is gone.
I didnt think that blue rams could be so aggressive.
Any suggestions would be really helpful. Thank you
The blue ram may be chasing the balloon if the balloon is a male. They are the same species you know. If they are both males, then the blue is probably trying to defend his territory. If they are not both males, it could be an overly aggressive sexual display. What size tank is this?

Balloon rams, like balloon mollies and similarly shaped goldfish, come with a host of internal problems, so you may wish to return them for this reason. But you may not have enough floor space for the rams to happily set up different territories.
Oh i see...
OK...its a 180L tank but yeah okay it might be a male. I guess I will return him. I only got him about a day or so ago so it should be okay.
Thank you for your help

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