About To Plant My Tank, Need Advice.

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Dec 1, 2006
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I have a juwel 180 tank which I am about to plant.

I have ordered a bunch of plants which consist of; 2 green cabomba, 2 mushroom plant, 1 Elodea Densa, 1 Red Bacopa, 1 Wheat plant, 1 Fountain plant, 1 Red krinkle Ivy, 1 Wisteria, 1 Vallis and finally 1 Song of India.

Now assuming I only have the lighting and filter kits that came with the tank, would it be advisable to either up the lighting, add C02 or nutrients/fertisliser or a combination of them?

I dont know what wattage my bulbs are either.

Any advice would be greatly helpful, considering some plants dont have as much chlorophyll such as the red plants I think i'm in need of something..

Any suggestions?
For a Juwel Rio 180 that appears to be very light planting. For instance "2 green cambomba" will be two stems. I think the wheat plant, fountain plant and red crinkle ivy are all non-aquatic.

Do you have scientific names?

Ideally to start a planted tank you need to plant heavily (preferbly with aquatic plants ;) ) to avoid algae. By heavily I mean over 75% of the substrate covered. That's probably over 100 stems.

You lighting will be 2 x 30w T8. With reflectors and no CO2 you could grow low-light tolerant plants and easy stems.

Check out the pinned threads for more info.
Thanks for the advice.

I checked my bulbs last night as it occured to me that the wattage would be on there lol.

I'm afraid I dont have the scientific names, Ive done a little research and most of them are easy growers, but a few may have a little difficulty, i'll have to wait and see.

At the moment I have a nice piece of bogwoog and a few plants, i'm just waiting for the others to arrive so I can start my aquascape.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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