1. 75gallon

    Female danio looks fat

    I have a zebra danio, that looks fat, it swims fine no struggles, eats fine, the reason for the post is, I have other danios in the tank show breeding behaviour with this danio, My worry is this danio doesn't seem to be dropping eggs, there is no sign of dropsy, in my tank, Food Tropical flake...
  2. S

    Zebra Danio having difficulting swiming

    This seemed to have recently started and im not quite sure what the cause is. He seems to be still fairly active but he's swimming by like wiggling and keeps flipping upside down. His fins are all intact so I know that's not the issue. I'm not sure whats going on or how serious this is so any...
  3. BlakeFisher

    Zebra Danio Help

    I have only ever had Bettas and Plecos, but after the recent passing of my Betta fish, I decided I wanted to get a school of fish. I got a used 45g tank off marketplace. When I went to pick it up the guy asked if I Wanted his four fish. The tank was caked in dirt, and the fish were in a small...