white molly

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  1. V

    White molly

    Is my white molly pregnant? If it is pregnant what will be the estimated delivery period? Thanks in advance.
  2. pjwilford

    Love is in the Air

    this tank is seeing a lot of love. It’s spring, I guess!! Should I mark today as day one? And is it a couple of weeks or 60 days of pregnancy? Either way, updates to follow! (slight feeling this female molly won’t make it, though...she doesn’t look too active...does mating make the female seem...
  3. J

    Is My White Molly Pregnant?

    Hi all ...I bought 2 female White Molly's from Pets At Home almost 4 weeks ago. The girl in the shop said she thinks one of them is pregnant the fish does seem to be getting bigger in the abdomen. I am trying to upload pics to get more experienced people's opinions on whether she is pregnant or...