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white bumps

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  1. betta86

    White lump and marks on Betta

    Hi all I recently bought a Betta from a local pet store saving it from a tiny tiny tank and giving him a larger tank all to himself. In buying him I noticed he had a white mark on his side and I hoped to treat whatever it was that he had. I and a few others thought it was a fungal infection...
  2. C

    White Bumps Near Fish's Mouth?

    Hello all, see the attached photos of white bumps that have appeared near my male Ram Cichlid's mouth.   I don' believe it is ich because they protrude quite far. The first one showed up about two weeks ago and the second bump just started to form. I'm not really sure how to proceed with it. Can...
  3. T

    Two Big White Spots (bumps) On Gold Molly

    Hello fellow fish lovers, I filled out the questionnaire and hope that someone knows what my gold molly has. Basically there are two big white spots on the connection of body to fin tail. I looked up white spot sickness (ich) and fungus but the white spots seems to be too big for ich and not...