white bump

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  1. J

    White Bump on my Guppies Head

    Does anyone know what this might be/how to treat it? I noticed this white spot on my guppies head a few days ago. I quarantined her and added salt. She is still alive and swimming, however, the bump hasn’t changed size or shape. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. omega59

    Betta With White Lump

    My male Betta has this lump on it's top side I'm not sure what it is. I tried Pima Fix for body fungus i did 2 rounds and its still there. I also just recently started adding aquarium salt each water change, as suggested by my LFS. Can someone help me with this and what to do. I live in Canada...
  3. katienewbettakeeper

    New betta fish, white discoloration

    I got this fish yesterday from petco, he had raggedy fins that indicated fin rot and a very sad expression, and he won me over so I brought him home. noticed this white spot on the drive home, not sure what it is. fungal infection, tumor, scar? He’s very sluggish and stays at the bottom unless...
  4. L

    What is this tiny bump on my new Platy?

    Yesterday I bought two Platys from Pets at Home, and less than 24 hours later I’ve noticed this tiny, slightly raised bump below the mouth of one of them. I’ve attached a photo that shows it quite clearly. Please can anyone advise me on what this might be? I’ve already rang up Pets at Home and...