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  1. M

    Confused on water testing

    I have been cycling my tank for 10 days. I used the test strips today but I’m not really sure on what they should be can someone advise please? If anything not correct what I can do to help
  2. quinnARIUM

    How to make my tap water safe?

    Right now my tap water has the water parameters: Total hardness (GH): 25 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 Cl: 0.5 Carbonate (KH): 15 pH: 6.4 And my tank: Total hardness (GH): 50 Nitrate: 0 Nitrite: 0 Cl: 0 Carbonate (KH): 20 pH: 6.4 As you can see I have very acidic water that isn't to chlorinated. In my...
  3. Guyb93

    Water tester

    Ok iv saw electric water testers , they apparently give constant reading of the important things like Gh,ph,ammonia,nitrate,nitrite,KH My question is do they work ? Does anybody use one ? There like £100 and would like one rather than using colours in test tubes but for that money I’m...
  4. K

    Chlorine help!

    Hi everyone! I have a new tank which has 12 Neons 5 Salt and Pepper Corys and a male Betta in. The tank is rougly 18gallons (though I live in the UK so its 70 litres). I've been using the JBL proscan test strips and app. I've always had really reliable results and my local aquarium shop...
  5. Mamashack

    Water Test Results Chart With Advice - Opinions Requested Please

    Would appreciate if experienced fish-keepers would take a look at these links to water test results charts with advice. I used them myself before I saw the light and started following the fishless cycling route, but must say I wasn't happy with and therefore ignored the advice about adjusting pH...