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  1. V

    Sodium Water Softener & GH/KH help

    Hi Everyone, I recently moved to a small town and my house is set up on a Sodium Water Softener to treat our water. From what I have been reading online, these types of water softeners are not ideal for planted aquariums, as they strip away important minerals like Calcium and Magnesium. So to...
  2. F

    Does A Water Softener Affect The Good Bacteria When Cycling A New Tank

    Ok, so ive been having problems. I made a bunch of rookie mistakes and now trying to tix them. I have had to move fish to another new tank to keep from dying. They are doing well and tank levels are near perfect for now. But it needs to cycle and was only a quick fix, i know. So on the 10 gal i...
  3. S

    Starting My Tank Up Again!

    Hi All, used to be a regular here quite a few years ago - I had a planted tank, Co2 etc etc - well, durnig that time the tank was getting left more and more and eventually I stopped as it wasnt fair to the poor fish! well.. im glad to say that now im back into it, with the time and the space...