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  1. M

    Can’t seem to get water levels down

    Hello! I am very new to fish keeping . I got a 20 litre tank about 2 months ago (the pets at home one) . I cycled it and then added 2 mollies , 4 neon tetras and 2 shrimp. All started well but then one of the mollies just randomly died . I thought it was just a classic pets at home thing so I...
  2. B

    Water levels are all wrong

    Hi. I've started a tropical aquarium for the first time and I've had it running for 2 weeks without fish. I bought a test kit that measures the GH, KH, PH, NO2 and NO3 levels. However they're all wrong The levels are showing they're this.. GH - 180ppm KH - 180ppm PH - 8.0 NO2 - 0.5ppm NO3 -...
  3. A

    Should have gotten a bigger tank...

    Hi everyone! I got my first 20 gallon tank at Christmas to set up in my office and I LOVE it. There were some hardships and losses in January-February while I learned about the nitrogen cycle and some danios paid the price. :( I had to stop naming them. :( But then I bucked up, got the Tetra...