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  1. BSVKilbey


    Hi all, My Fluval Chi is now cleaned and ready for water! Question.... I know tap water is full of chemicals, however, is there a way to make the water fish friendly without countering the chemicals by adding chemicals? Alternative - I live about 30 seconds away from a natural spring, it is...
  2. E

    How do I influence, change and stabilize RO water

    So I made the decision to change to RO water because it can be used to create the perfect water levels for any fish you'd like. The problem is, it seems that to do so you have to know quite a bit about water chemistry. Hoping that the experts at TFF can help me out by telling me what kind of...
  3. E

    Water Polishing?

    Has anyone ever used powerheads with a water polisher attached? If so have you had success using them and what kind did you use? As far as chemicals go can anyone give me some recommendations to help clear up my water? Or possible filter media that could help with clarity?
  4. C

    Buffer Ph Or Acclimate New Fish Slowly?

    My tap water is medium on the hardness scale, and the pH is naturally around 7.7 or so.   I would like to start a tank for South American fish that need lower pH and soft-medium water. In researching the topic I seem to be getting mixed opinions on whether to adjust the hardness and pH to better...