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  1. A

    Brush, Fur, or beard algae?

    So far this is only presenting on my Vallisneria, who’s not growing very well. It’s been 4 months and it’s never put out new growth or runners.
  2. A

    Why Has My Jungle Vallisneria Stopped Growing?

    About 5 months ago my vallisneria had a huge growth period sending runners every week and then there was too many so I trimmed it where the runners were shooting not the leaves and now it hasn't been growing at all no new runners since I trimmed it 4 months ago. I've been dosing seachem iron...
  3. K

    Red Vallisneria Spiralis

    Quantity for sale: 50+ Delivery or Collection: Either Sales price: 35p each Postage & Packaging: £3.50 for small orders, £4 for larger orders. Location: Norwich Payment: bank transfer, Paypal, Postal Order, cash (buyer pays all fees)   Some of the plants that I have to thin out are as long as 50...
  4. eaglesaquarium

    Vallisneria Seems To Be Melting

    Alright, here's my set-up (more information in the thread linked in sig.):     Lighting: 128 Watts (4x 32W T8 6500k bulbs) - 8 hours a day (on a timer, so it NEVER changes).   Tank: 6 foot, 110 USGallon tank, roughly 22 inches from lights to substrate.   Substrate: Sand     Plants in tank:  ...