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  1. S

    I don’t want my angel to die :(

    Hey everyone, really hoping for some advice as I dont want to lose my beloved angelfish. I noticed she wasn’t eating as usual last Friday and seemed a bit lethargic. Then at the weekend she started swimming at a slight angle. I spoke to my local aquatics centre, they tested my water which was...
  2. E

    Inactive Plates For No Apparent Reason :(

    Afternoon everyone :)   I have a 20L tank which contains 1 male and 1 female platy and 3 platy fry. I have had the adult fish for approximately 3 months and the fry are now around 1 month old.   I purchased a new, better quality heater two days ago as it has become very cold where I live, and...
  3. F

    Help With Blue (Dwarf) Gourami?!

    Okay, so my dwarf gourami is sick. (He's called Aladdin) At the moment he is laying down the bottom next to the driftwood on my tank and looks like he's on his way out. He's done this a couple of times before... Acted funny for a couple of days, then literally looks like he's dying then hell be...