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  1. J

    Unusual Fish

    Hello! I am not great with this forum stuff, but I really cannot figure out what this fish is! We were given some more Tetras and some Guppies too. Amongst those was this strange fish. I’m not sure if I’m being stupid or if it is genuinely an unusual cross breed. Does anyone have any answers for...
  2. Flubberlump

    Snail ID

    I've just spotted this baby snail in my tank. I have no idea what it is. I have pest pond and rams horn snails but it's definitely not one of those. I put some assassin snails in less than 2 weeks ago so it's not one of those either. It has a long, conical shell. It's 'upright' sort of...
  3. W

    What Is This

    hi   i have recently started breeding my platy,molly and guppies, and today when cleaning out a breeding chanber i noticed something that i do not recognise as asn fry i have has before, its about 1.5 cm very flat headed at front and the tail section looks frayed almost rope like, any ideas   i...