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  1. N

    What species of apple snail?

    I am hoping to buy these snails from somebody online but am just wondering what species of apple snails they are. I own some apple snails currently which i presume are Pomocea Bridgesii however they just don't really look the same when looking at the siphon part, it looks somewhat dark in the...
  2. sanasana

    What fish is this?

    So, recently somebody brought this little dude/dudette and gifted it to us. I have no idea what breed it is, and I think the person who brought it has no idea either (I think they caught it from some river, but I'm not sure). It's super shy and for some weeks I thought it was a bottom-feeder...
  3. neoninnesi

    Mystery Fish, Identification Needed

    I have a planted 10 gal and as i was doing a WC the other day, i noticed a small fish i had never seen before. I’d say it’s about 3 weeks old since that’s the last time i added any plants, an egg must have hitched a ride. the only other inhabitants are 6 neon tetras and a couple snails. The...
  4. C

    Unsure Of What Species This Fish Is...

    Hello - I was just wondering if someone could tell me what species of fish this is? So that I can better look after him/her. Thank you.