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  1. B

    Sick red tailed shark

    my red tailed shark has been acting strange for a couple days, two of my other fish(clown loaches) died and they were acting the same way. I don’t have a clue what’s wrong, I tested my water nitrate reads about 30, nitritereads .5-1.0, water hardness is very soft, chlorine is 0, total alkalinity...
  2. dascrow

    Vote Now! - January 2017 TOTM

    Let the voting begin for the January 2017 Tank of the Month! We are going to leave the poll open until February 10th. We're off to a good start and the entries are great! Thanks to everyone that participated and GOOD LUCK!! Please click on the link beside the name to view their...
  3. dascrow Tank of the Month Winner - December 2016

    We would like to congratulate SnailPocalypse as the December 2016 Tank of the month! Here's some additional information on the tank. 10 gallon Regular water changes happen when I do my gravel vac which is every week. Feed the fish tropical fish flakes. No heater as it stays...