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  1. Woodlol

    10gal to 30gal Transition!

    Query! I have a 10gal setup in my office, just got a 30gal tank that I'm transitioning to. My question is, I'm due to do a water change in the 10gal, would adding the water from the mature planted 10gal to the 30gal aid in speeding up the cycling process in the new tank? I'm going to...
  2. J

    Moving to bigger tank

    Hello, So I have a 29 gallon with a single gold fish (kids first fish who has lived for about 5 years now), two blood parrots, a dragon eel and the king of the tank, a clown knife who has had a major growth spurt and is about 12" now. The tank seemed to suit things just fine while they were...
  3. ChancesMama

    Transferring Fish

    Hello all! I have a small dilemma but I have to have an answer pronto!     I have a 28 gallon tank that is currently housing 8 neon tetras and 4 Cherry Barbs. I've been having a constant struggle with the Ammonia levels and have decided to get rid of all my fish and start over. This being said...
  4. O

    Help Needed. How To Move Parents And Fry To A New Tank

    Hi I'm in need of help. I have a pair of green terrors who are first parents. I have around 100 free swimming fry. All in a small pile in the bottom of a tank with mum and dad. I want to move them into a different tank but don't know how. Do I move the parents or fry first? Shall I net...
  5. M

    Tank Transfer From 10g To 55g

    I am fairly new to the the hobby and completely new to the forum. i will be getting a new tank due to the $1 gallon sale at the local petco which will either be a 40g breeder or 55 g tank really cant decide. My current tank that i will be transferring from my current tank. A Half Moon/Circle 10g...