torn fins

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  1. O

    Betta fish fins torn to shreds

    I’ve removed all the plants as soon as I noticed. He’ll have to go without for a few hours but i’m going to the pet shop in the morning to get all real plants and return the fake ones. Anything I can do to help him?
  2. E

    Torn fins ( male and female).

    I have a 10 gallon with a rainbow half-moon male and a red half-moon female, other tank mates include, 1 dwarf clown pleco, 2 nerite snails, 5 neon tetras ( 2 black neon, a and 3 regular). 6 ghost shrimp. Aquarium setup is smooth gravel, planted ( 5 red Ludwig, 6 money wart, 6 unknown stem...
  3. K

    Betta - Fin Rot?

    Hi everyone, My roommates and I got a betta fish about 2 weeks ago and we're worried he might have fin rot but we're not sure if it's that, him tearing his fins, or just normal. He's had the white tips on his fins since we got him and he has a bigger split in his top fin that's improving now...
  4. TheSoggyBagel

    My Black Skirt Tetra is sick! Pleas help!

    Hi everyone! I need help! A few months ago I rescued a black skirt Tetra from my uncle, who kept him in a 40g with barely any water (5-10 gallons of water actually in the tank), no heater, and he hadn't cleaned the tank in 6 moths. The fish hadn't been fed for one. When my uncle finally took...
  5. TheresaK

    Guppy With Torn Fins

    Hello. I have a ten gallon tank with four male guppies, two female guppies, one pleco, one black ghost knife, two goldfish and two angelfish. I know it's very overcrowded and the species are mixed but I like it that way. Don't tell me that I'm a irresponsible fish keeper or what. Today when I...