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  1. I Like Rare Fish

    Rare Fish's Rare Fish Profiles ~ All of my fish profiles/articles and more ~

    *note for mods. Nobody is allowed to post on the fish forums wiki page, only the subcategories. If you could move this to that page that would be great :)* Hello everyone, I am Rare Fish. I know, my name is corny, but in my defense...well...I don't like it either! I have made a few fish...
  2. fishyfun&fans

    And a thanks from me to TFF

    Thank you all! for helping me deal with my CAE problem and all the Great General advice I’ve been Given from a Variety of Members I hope you find my Threads and Polls good fun and/or educational I’ll keep them coming if people are enjoying the content
  3. natabeexo

    Completely New To Tff As Well As Fish Keeping And In Need Of Advice&#3

    Hello to all! My name is Natalie, and as stated in the title, I am new to this whole business. As of right now, I have a five gallon tank. I have one Dwarf Gourami and one bottom feeder. I've been reading all over the place that a five gallon tank is not sufficient space for fish, but it's all I...