tetra color

  1. F

    What type of tetra is this?

    I can’t seem to Id this type of tetra. Is it a color variation of an ember tetra? It has the fin structure of an ember or a glow light yet a line in it like an emperor. Really cool fish just want to know more! It’s pretty hard to get a clear picture haha
  2. suyantank

    Help please! Tetra fading and turning all white! (with pictures)

    Hello everyone! Since the brown algae bloomed in my old setup, I have removed nearly all the plant and had a new setup. Around 50% of the water is from the old tank, with some new and old plants put in. However, once the setup was done, the blueness of one of my twins tetra (blue Harlequin...
  3. H

    Flame tetra bleeding?

    Hello my flame tetra got a red spot under it's mouth and started swimming strange and bumping into things what can that be? it happened very fast and are my other tetras in trouble as well? Please help. Check all water parameters and they are all good.
  4. T

    What Else Can I Feed My Fish

    I have a 55 gallon tank with guppies, blood eyed tetras, danios, 2 yo-yo loaches, a school of neons, and one red wag platy. I was wondering what else I can feed my fish besides tetra color tropical flakes? I want a nice and health tank. Also, what can I feed guppy fry? As a future reference...