tetra behavior

  1. O

    Tetra Behavior

    We planned to have tank mates for our betta and got 10 neon tetras. Initially, we kept the betta and the tetras in separate tanks as we were working on the main tank. Tetras were living with the Angel tank. But then, right from day one, tetras died one per day. At night, we check and count...
  2. R

    Black phantom tetra acting different

    Hi I have about 12 black phantom tetras..there is one acting strange in the tank never seen it do it before but it will put its nose up in the air and looks like it prancing around and about a group of 4 tetras will just watch him and follow him “prance” around I’m just not sure if I should be...
  3. E

    Glowlight Tetra weird behaviour.

    I have 10 Glowlight tetras in my 160L aquarium. One of them has been acting very odd recently. It is moving very slowly and opening and closing its mouth a lot. It has a slightly enlarged stomach that seems more white. It also has a weird white thing coming from its underside. It moved to the...
  4. Ellie Potts

    Community Tank Advice Needed

    Hey everyone! I'm relatively new to this forum but was looking for some advice. I'm setting up a 55-gallon tank (48" x 13" x 21") and would like it to be a community tank. I've recently been really into schooling-tanks with many different kinds of schooling fish. For example, one fish keeper...