tank ideas

  1. R

    Black or natural sand?

    This is my 29 gal long tank, I really want to switch the substrate to sand for my cories and khuli loaches, what would be best and look best? These are the fish I have: - two neon tetras - two angelfish (one silver with black stripes and one koi) - three corydoras - two khuli loaches - three...
  2. R

    20gal tank ideas

    I have a twenty gal tall hexagonal tank and I need stocking ideas. I am really set on khuli loaches but those are the only fish that I really want. I was thinking of getting five khulis, 8 silver tip tetras and 2 dwarf gourami, I kind of wanted dwarf puffers but I know that they don’t get along...
  3. Brendt

    10 Gallon ideas

    Hi all, I’m currently cycling my tank ( I think) and looking for ideas to stock my tank. Here is how it started I was in my basement and found my old 10 gallon tank with the filter ( the basement is heated) I took it out cleaned The tank out bought a new filter because the old one didn’t work...