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  1. crupp29

    Stocking Ideas for 29 Gallon Tank

    I recently purchased a 29 gallon tank and wanted to get some community fish once it is finished cycling. The problem is that I’m not sure which fish would work well with each other, the parameters, the tank size, etc. The parameters are 300 ppm hardness, 300 ppm alkalinity, and 8.2 pH. If...
  2. crupp29

    Snail Identification

    I found this snail in my tank yesterday and have no idea what it is. These are the best pictures I could get of it. I would also be interested in knowing whether or not it’s invasive, so I can get it removed before it becomes a problem (if it hasn’t already).
  3. JackieP

    What tank heater should I buy?

    I’ve had my fish tank since August and I’ve been able to avoid getting a heater since I live in Florida. Now it’s going to start getting in the 50s and I really don’t want my water to get cold. I have a 5.5 gallon tank for my betta fish. What heater should I buy? I’m scared because a lot of...
  4. S

    GH, KH, NO2, NO3

    Hello, I'm interested to know if these measurements are good for my fish tank. I might have tested a bit too soon so I will test tomorrow aswell and keep you all updated. Also please link any website below that show what the levels of the water should be! I will attach a picture of the...
  5. S

    Guppy Compapnions

    PLEASE READ!!! Hello, I am soon to become a new owner of 4 guppys in my 10 gallong tank! I'm interested in if anyone knows what other 2 fish I could get that fit the tank and are friendly towards guppys?
  6. Stefan3289


    I decided it was time to move my PB parrot convict with the big boys, and as of now, everything seems great. He is starting to come out and with with the others even if he is a 1/5 of the severums size and a 1/3 of the acaras size. However, not once have they chased him. He looks even more...
  7. Stefan3289

    Update on “Mean EBA”

    So I made a post discussing a mean EBA that would always chase the other two acaras away. I did a water change yesterday and I made slight adjustments to how the plants are positioned, and, it seems more like a hierarchy now (which is good right?).